The Wirchomski brand factory is a special place for fans of wood. It is here that true masterpieces of the craft are created, including unique furniture, doors or studies.

The founder of the brand is Krzysztof Wirchomski, an enthusiast of the craft of woodworking, who comes from the mountains. His company was inspired by his family traditions and love for wood as a material with an enormous decorative and artistic potential, which is very friendly to man. Thus was born a brand that has been synonymous with top quality furniture for over 20 years.

The Wirchomski brand produces a wide range of wood products, including custom-made furniture, doors, kitchens, etc. Products from the Wirchomski factory are characterised by extraordinary attention to detail and very high quality. They are usually made from the best wood imported from Germany and the United States. In the workshop of Krzysztof Wirchomski, each order is preceded by a multi-aspect consultation with the brand designer. A three-dimensional design of the piece of furniture or doors is then created on a computer. After approval, the project goes into production, which is supervised by skilled artisans at every stage.

Although the Wirchomski company has at its disposal the most modern tools for woodworking (controlled digitally), most of the work is done manually, according to the traditional art of carpentry. As a result, instead of a mass-produced product, the purchaser receives an item made of wood, which has exceptional artistic and utilitarian value.

Krzysztof Wirchomski’s factory produces furniture and wooden objects in various styles. Furniture is made out of virtually any type of wood. Additionally, upon request, the workshop combines wood with other materials, such as stainless steel, brass, leather, fabric, glass or stone in its furniture and doors. Furniture and doors after often made with traditional gilding or hand-applied patina.

The Wirchomski brand can boast many projects created for customers not only in Poland, but also in Germany, Switzerland, Belarus and the United States.