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The unique showroom of the Wirchomski brand is located in Warsaw, in the Merlini Residence on ul. Dominika Merliniego 5. The showroom will impress you with its exposition area encompassing two floors and a rich portfolio of products. The interior of the showroom is designed in a loft style. Thanks to this design, the spotlight shines on the exclusive furniture, doors and installations, and the visitor is surrounded by a cosy atmosphere and can feel almost at home. The exposition space of almost 300 square meters contains several dozen interior doors, numerous kitchen sets and unique furniture, which captivate visitors with the precision of the workmanship and the beauty of natural wood. A special club office in English style was prepared for all the guests, with the utmost attention paid to detail. In this cosy setting, it is possible to talk to the company’s owner, Mr Wirchomski, in order to discuss a project and its details, or to place a furniture order. Upon the guests’ request, a Wirchomski brand designer may participate in the meeting to help in making the decisions about the final design of their dream piece of furniture or the perfect room.
The showroom is open during weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 8am to 4pm and every other Saturday from 8am to 2pm.