A STUDY should reflect the values appreciated for centuries: durability, robust design, usability and the prestige of its owner. When creating our STUDIES, we are always inspired by the most beautiful tradition of classical, elegant European residences and palaces. A STUDY is a refuge. Such a room instantly makes the house more orderly and increases the feeling of security. It is a place with its own character, full of creative atmosphere. It is the perfect workplace, but on the other hand, a perfect place to meet with friends.

Everyone should feel comfortable in a STUDY. The perfect combination of comfort and beautiful interiors requires consistency and application of the classical form – which means that the STUDY will have a place for books, family memorabilia and various souvenirs, collections and exotic trinkets brought from overseas travels. Our STUDY is a “piece of furniture” – every detail is prepared with veneration. The STUDY is a realisation of the dreams of a warm, romantic and private room, where one may peacefully think about the past, or, perhaps, plan for the future…